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Java wrapper

The Java wrapper cosim4j enables Java applications to make use of libcosim. It uses the Java Native Interface (JNI) to efficiently interact with libcosim. To make it accessible, all native dependencies for Linux and Windows have been pre-built and are bundled with the library.

A highly convenient and powerful feature found in cosim4j is the ability to write inline FMI 2.0 compatible models using Java, i.e., models can be written as regular Java code that can be added directly to the simulation without first exporting them as FMUs. However, if required - for instance, in order to run the same model in another FMI/SSP compliant tool - the model can be exported as it is. This is possible thanks to deep integration with FMI4j, a software package for dealing with FMUs on the JVM.

The code below shows the minimal required to write FMI 2.0 compatible models in Java using FMI4j.

public class JavaSlave extends Fmi2Slave {

    @ScalarVariable (causality=Fmi2Causality.output)
    private double realOutput;

    public JavaSlave(Map<String, Object> args) {

    public void doStep(double t, double dt) {
        realOutput= ...