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A scenario file defines the simulation scenario which shall be performed. This serves for dynamic systems where actions to be made to trigger any event, activate models or sending signals to the controllers, etc. The example below shows the syntax structure of a scenario file, which can be in the format of .json or .yml.

item sub-item Description
description   Commenting description of the simulation scenario.
defaults   Contains the default elements for the events, for example model variable and action, where all events apply to this variable in this model and have the same action type. Alternatively, the model, variable and action elements can be included in individual event.
  model Declares which model the events are triggered.
  action Declares the action type which can be “override” , “bias” or “reset”.
  variable Declares the variable name to be updated at this event.
events   Contains all actions of this scenario including the time, the updated variable and the new value.
  time Declares the time in second when the action takes place.
  value Declares the updated value of the variable, “true” or “false” if it’s a boolean type of variable. Action type “reset” doesn’t require value for the variables.
end   Declares the stop time in seconds of the scenario. Naturally the stop time should be bigger than the last event time.


{ "description": "description of the scenario",
  "defaults": {
    "model": "slave uno",
    "variable": "realOut",
    "action": "override"
  "events": [
      "time": 0.5,
      "variable": "realIn",
      "action": "bias",
      "value": 1.001
      "time": 0.2,
      "value": -1.0
      "time": 0.3,
      "action": "reset"
      "time": 0.65,
      "variable": "intIn",
      "value": 2
      "time": 0.8,
      "variable": "intOut",
      "value": 5
  "end": 1.0


  model: slave uno
  variable: realOut
  action: override
  - time: 0.5
    variable: realIn
    action: bias
    value: 1.001
  - time: 0.2
    value: -1
  - time: 0.3
    action: reset
  - time: 0.65
    variable: intIn
    value: 2
  - time: 0.8
    variable: intOut
    value: 5
end: 1

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