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OSP validator

The osp-validator repository implements a java library and command line interface tool which validates an FMU with accompanying OspModelDescription.xml file, according to the OSP-IS specification. It also validates a simulation configuration as specified by a libcosim OspSystemStructure.xml file defined here. The documentation for the xml schemas of both OspModelDescription.xsd and OspSystemStructure.xsd can be found here

Java library

The jar file osp-validator-api-<version>.jar is found in every release of osp-validator, downloadable from here, and contains the java API.

The java library can be used by simulation configuration tools which needs to validate that the models and configuration is according to OSP-IS. The kopl configuration tool uses this library for validation.

Examples showing how it can be used in a java application can be found here

Command line interface

A command line tool to interface the validator called osp-cli.jar is produced when building the osp-validator project, and it is downloadable from here. The command line interface tool can be used to verify that a given OspModelDescription.xml and FMU is according to the OSP-IS. It can also validate simulation configurations defined by a OspSystemStructure.xml file. If there are no validation errors, the output is empty. In case there are validation errors, it will print error messages for all the violated rules.

Calling the osp-cli.jar without any input arguments prints out usage help:

$ java -jar osp-cli.jar
Usage: osp-cli.jar [options] [command] [command options]
    --help, -h
      Print help
    --version, -v
      Print version
    osp-system-structure      Validate OspSystemStructure.xml
      Usage: osp-system-structure [options]
            Path to OspSystemStructure.xml

    osp-model-description      Validate OspModelDescription.xml
      Usage: osp-model-description [options]
            Path to OspModelDescription.xml
            Path to fmu

Usage example

Download latest osp-cli.jar from here, and example OspSystemStructure.xml, OspModelDescription.xml and FMUs from here. The FMUs only contain a modelDescription.xml file in order to be able to test osp-cli.jar. This configuration is valid and so the osp-cli.jar will produce no output when validating, as shown below.

$ java -jar osp-cli.jar osp-system-structure -file OspSystemStructure_Crane.xml

If we change line 12 in OspSystemStructure_Crane.xml from <VariableGroup simulator="crane_controller" name="linear_mechanical_port"/> to <VariableGroup simulator="crane_controller" name="force"/> and re-run the validator, it prints the validation error messages to standard out, as shown below.

$ java -jar osp-cli.jar osp-system-structure -file OspSystemStructure_Crane.xml
Validation error in OspSystemStructure_Crane.xml on line 11: VariableGroupConnection 
[crane_controller.force, knuckle_boom_crane.linear_mechanical_port] is invalid because they have different types 
[Force, LinearMechanicalPort]

As we can see from the output, the VariableGroupConnection found on line 11 in OspSystemStructure_Crane.xml is invalid, because it tries to connect two variable groups of incompatible types (Force and LinearMechanicalPort).

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